Serving the Colorado Springs regional community for over 10 years our team of professionals have come to understand the varying needs of those families that include individuals with developmental concerns. This allows for team based decisions to occur centered on a primary caregivers choice about what skills they would like to see emerge to the benefit of the individual in their care. Specific elements our team has come to embrace that best support our ongoing work for the benefit of our clients include:

  • Consistent team of individuals over time supporting a client's skill development
  • Strong evidence for ongoing caregiver/parent support.
  • Good staff care leads to excellent client care.

First Step in learning more

At Positive Outcomes, LLC, we first learn about client's needs through comprehensive assessment that begins with an in-person "meet & greet" along with reviewing existing documentation and observation. Call 719-344-8756 to schedule an appointment at no cost to learn more and get answers to your questions.