Our approach to Mental Health is Overall Wellness for our Body and Mind. That is, to recognize and treat our clients along a continuum dealing with the integrative feature of psychophysiology.

Wellbeing is about understanding that our mind and body are connected and function as one system.   Environmental variables can impact our bodies wellbeing.  The impact of chronic stress due to situational variables or medical variables can change our physiological state and impact our mental health.  

At Integrative Mind and Body, our team seeks to work with the entire person mentally, emotionally, physically, and relationally to ensure the highest quality outcomes. 

Clients will leave Integrative Mind and Body understanding how their bodies, minds, and emotions work together. During times of stress, they have the power to change how they feel both physically and mentally.  Thus, allowing them to improve relationships, athletic performance, school, and work performance as well.  

Mental health is something that should be checked in much the same way we check on our physical health.   Learning to stop, reflect, understand, and accept where we are and what we need leads to better overall health.  

Treatment Approaches:

  • Biofeedback
  • HRVB (Heart Rate Variability Feedback)
  • EMDR
  • CBT
  • Mindfullness
  • Medical Family Therapy
  • Peak & Optimal Performance