Our primary mission at Positive Outcomes, LLC is to provide ABA services along with other evidenced-based therapeutic services centered on the highest standards of care for our clients.

High quality ABA services through effective teaming

We achieve this by remaining committed to the following:

  • Specialized ongoing training for all staff across home, clinic, and community-based environments
    • Our ratio of supervising BCBA's to Registered Behavior Technicians has always remained below 1:3. This allows our lead staff to maintain continual focus in programming your child's success. It also ensures that all support staff have the attention they need in order to be successful in implementing day to day programming regarding ABA services.
  • Ongoing parent training support continually provided and individualized to fit parents specific training needs.
    • Within the field of ABA we often discuss "intensity of service" in terms of total therapeutic hours delivered. However, our approach to addressing intensity is not just in our total service hours, but in supporting families to extend therapeutic intervention approach across all hours of the day. In this way, we ensure that intervention approaches are consistently applied across all relevant setting among all individuals in our client's life. The only way to achieve this is through quality parent training where parents and the therapy providers engage in effective teaming.
  • Ensuring low staff turnover through ongoing staff care.
    • POLLC commits to bring our best work while serving client's. In doing so, it is critical that our staff always feel well supported in their daily lives so that they may bring their very best effort every single day working with clients.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to care
    • This involves not only collaborating with outside professionals on a clients treatment team, but also housing both mental and behavioral health under a single roof.