What is ABA?

The simple and complete answer to this question is that ABA is the "Science of Teaching & Learning". ABA principles & techniques applied in our practice are similar to those applied across common everyday learning situations. However, for many children with various learning challenges, it's imperative that those responsible for teaching continually "sweat the details" to ensure learning outcomes. This attention to detail is at the center of what Positive Outcomes, LLC offers. That is, design, measure, and continually adjust individualized interventions to ensure positive outcomes for our learners. Effective collaboration is imperative since success begins with effective teaming alongside parent's/caregiver's.

The first questions for a child's treatment team is; "What should be taught that ensures the greatest positive impact for that individual in achieving the life they desire?". This concept is referred to as social significance where identification is driven by children themselves alongside the parents/caregivers supporting them. The primary objective of our clinical team is to design and deliver systematic teaching for our client's so they may reach their goals!

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