Positive Outcomes, LLC is a locally owned behavioral and mental health clinic. Our mission centers on serving our clients using evidenced based practice combined with an effortful and organized approach to ensure that treatment is effective. This is dependent on finding the right staff. Over our 10+ years serving the Colorado Springs area we have slowly built up a team of professionals who's common mission is to be successful in meeting the needs of our clients.

Positive Outcomes provides multiple therapeutic services that greatly expand our ability to individualize treatment for each client or family. More specifically, we offer Applied Behavior Analytic services (ABA) that occur in home and/or in-clinic depending on the needs of the individual client, Biofeedback & Heart rate Variability, Neurofeedback & QEEG, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR.  

Positive Outcomes specializes in the following treatments:

  • Behavioral Health Services include:
    • Applied Behavioral Analysis (Home & Clinic-Based)
    • Social Skills Therapy and Play Skills
  • Mental Health service that include:
    • EMDR
    • Biofeedback & HRV
    • Neurofeedback and QEEG
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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