Meet the Team

Dustin Holcomb, BCBA, M. Ed

Dustin Holcomb received his Master degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado. Upon completion of his graduate program, Dustin began pursuing his board certification in behavior analysis (BCBA) from the University of North Texas. After serving as a teacher in the Colorado public school system, Dustin began providing consultative services to schools throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Alaska providing training to parents, teachers, administrators and other service providers regarding best practices for educating children with Autism and other disabilities in public school settings. Dustin has provided training on applying principles of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) in a classroom setting, methods that promote successful inclusion, conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) and designing Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSP), and effective data collection methods.

Dustin also worked in Las Vegas providing home-based ABA therapy services for children and families. As a home-based therapy provider, Dustin created and implemented a variety of behavioral programs for children and trained parents and tutors in the implementation of those behavioral programs.

Dustin is passionate about opportunities to provide direct services in the clinic and home that allow for children and families to attain the quality of life they desire. Dustin believes in a collaborative approach in working with families and is committed to fostering relationships between school and home to increase the likelihood that outcomes will be achieved. Dustin feels that only by working alongside parents to provide them with the tools they need will the child and the family begin to make progress toward their goals and maintain the progress they have made. Dustin utilizes a transdisplinary approach in the treatment of children with Autism and other developmental disabilities meaning that team members commit to teach, learn, and work across job-specific boundaries to plan and provide integrated services that benefit the client. He believes that it is imperative to work with all the professionals serving his clients to ensure that progress is made in effective and meaningful ways.

Jennifer Holcomb Ph.D., BCBA, LMFT, LPC

Dr. Holcomb earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Human Development and Family Sciences and completed her M.A. and Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Holcomb has also completed her BCBA through the University of North Texas.

Prior to completing her M.A., Dr. Holcomb worked as teacher in the state of Texas teaching children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Dr. Holcomb completed her doctoral internships in various educational and medical settings working collaboratively with parents, teachers, physicians, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists to create transdiciplinary programming that brought about significant change not only for the children, but also for the families. Prior to moving to Colorado in 2010, Dr. Holcomb had offices in Austin and San Antonio where she provided Neurofeedback, Social Skills, and psychotherapy to children and their families. Dr. Holcomb also consulted to school districts throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Alaska. As a consultant Dr. Holcomb trained teachers, counselors, psychologists, and administrators in Social Skills,Positive Behavioral Supports, principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis, the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in schools.

As both a clinician in private practice and an educational consultant Dr. Holcomb believes in the need for every member of the child’s treatment team to communicate and work together to help children and their families reach their goals.

Dr. Holcomb specializes in combining the use of qEEG/ neurofeedback, social skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family therapy for the treatment of young children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression Conduct disorder, Oppositinal Defiant Disorder, Bipoloar, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Holcomb also specializes in helping couples and families work through problems that may arise as a result of stress and grief that is commonly experienced by families that have children with behavioral and developmental disorders.