Our Approach to Care

Stemming from our backgrounds, credentials and affiliations is a wide range of skills that support individualization of therapy services while avoiding over-generalizing the use of one single approach or process in intervention design. Positive Outcomes provides multiple therapeutic services that greatly expand our ability to individualize treatment for each client or family. Our efforts center on helping children and families achieve the quality of life they desire through our strong commitment to effective collaboration among all members involved in the child’s treatment team. We are committed to listening to parents in order to determine the best and most socially valid approaches for therapy as well as providing a comprehensible means for assessing the effectiveness of those approaches to ensure progress is made. We strive for each client and family to feel confident and comfortable with the progress and outcomes related to the services they are receiving and to make these gains clearly discernable and accessible. The Positive Outcomes team has worked in a variety of home, school and medical settings and believes a transdiciplinary approach is critical to providing the best outcomes for our clients. This philosophy of teaming provides a framework in which team members commit to teach, learn, and work across job-specific boundaries to plan and provide integrated services. Collaboratively, the transdisciplinary team meets to share information, participate in consultation and enhance team cohesion—elements critical to providing immediate and positive outcomes for the children we serve.